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Cross-Cultural Services

KASSEBAUM CONSULTING can provide your company with a variety of cross-cultural education and liaison services. We utilize established business anthropological techniques to help you and your group to improve business relations with those from other cultures. Although our emphasis is Japan-centric we can cover any culture that you might have need to work with.

*Tailored Educational Services: We can provide tailored educational services that will improve your group's ability to work with those from other cultures. Typically, our educational services are delivered at your site in English. Depending upon your needs a variety of modes can be used to deliver educational services: classroom, electronic media, print media, etc.

*Cross-Cultural Liaison: We can provide personalized cross-cultural liaison services. Unlike an interpreter, a cultural liaison's purpose is to help you to understand how someone from another culture thinks. Depending upon your needs, liaison services may need to be coupled with interpretation and/or translation services.

*American Language and Culture for the Sojourner: This option combines education and liaison services and is for non-native speakers of English who need to better understand American culture. The manner in which this service is delivered varies with each client. Services can be provided to employees and/or their family members. The goal of this service is to improve the sojourner experience for the employee as well as his or her family. Potential topics: technology, business, education, politics, popular culture, sojourner adaptation, English, etc.

If you have a group or staff member in the San Francisco Bay Area that is in need of our services, feel free to contact our lead consultant, Erik Kassebaum erik.kassebaum@kassebaum.org.